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Interior Design Sevenoaks

Are you contemplating the prospect of creative interior design and wondering how it may affect the outlook of your home in Sevenoaks? Do you feel as if your home needs a revamp in the form of window treatments and new curtain layouts? Or are you simply interested in adjusting the character of your home with new materials that correspond with styles or tastes that appeal to you?  If this sounds like you, Furnished by Anna can help! We take pride in providing our clients throughout Sevenoaks and its surrounding areas with detailed, reliable advice on creative interior design.

Many new homeowners eagerly anticipate the day they can start working on the interior design of their home, subsequently establishing their preferred style, features and tastes. On the other hand, some homeowners have grown tired of the current layout of their home and are looking for inspiration from new creative ideas. Furthermore, businesses are often looking to update the interior design of their offices. We have worked on contemporary apartments, listed properties, country bungalows and cosy offices in the past, therefore our spectrum of interior designing remains highly detailed. We’ve even been known to design fabulous children’s bedrooms and playrooms!

Furnished by Anna has years of expertise working with clients who are looking to change the interior design of their properties. We take into account all of our clients preferences and demands as well as their budget.  We have a history of working with top quality suppliers and have built serious relationships with the finest tradesman. We have gained an exceptional reputation not just in Sevenoaks but in the whole of the South East.

Furnished by Anna provide a home consultancy service where we discuss with our clients the potential for creative interior design for their property. We take on board the needs of our client and subsequently provide them with potential options for the redesigning of their home. Whether you are looking for the cosy delights of a period property, a traditional home with bundles of character or the elegant modern design, Furnished by Anna can offer you an experienced, trusted opinion.

If you feel you may benefit from the services Furnished by Anna can provide for your home or property in Sevenoaks, we would be delighted to help. In the past we have received a number of testimonials and positive responses from our clients and we look forward to earning many more in the years to come.

Get in touch here or call Anna on 07968 699441 to discuss your project and book in for a free initial consultation.