The client’s viewpoint – how was it for you?

One of our client's tells us what she thought was good, and challenging!, about using an interior designer...

The client’s viewpoint – how was it for you?

Handing over the design of your home and the project management of the works can seem a bit daunting. It’s easy for me to tell you how everything will work and how you can just relax while it’s all taking care of but at the end of the day, we are designing and working on your home, and we’re very mindful of that!

So I thought I’d ask one of our previous clients how the process was for them. I worked with Ann and Trevor on the renovation of 3 of their rooms (you can read a little more on the project page here…).  It was a huge renovation project and so heres how they felt during the project and why they sought the help of an interior designer:

Ann, you have a really good eye for interiors yourself, so what made you look for an interior designer?

The main reason for deciding to go with you was time.  Working full time at that stage meant that I did not have the time to source either decorators and/or products.  In addition Trevor and I have very different tastes and although I usually get my own way I thought it would be good to get a third person’s view on what would work!

Were you nervous? If so, how did you feel and did this change as the process went on?

Yes we were nervous especially as we both like to think we know what is best and because we were investing a great deal of money in this project!  We had to get our heads around trusting someone else to carry out both the design and the work and that did not come easy.  This was the first time we had used an interior designer so both of us did not really know what to expect and it did take a while for us to just let you get on with things.   We gradually learnt to do this by you showing us that you could deal with any thing we needed.

Do you feel you had a lot of input in to the project?

We did have a lot of input and found that you were always willing to compromise whilst keeping to the design themes agreed upon.

Does it feel like your home?

Although everything is done to a high specification it is still a home and is very comfortable whilst being very impressive.

So even if it might feel a bit nervy at first, the brilliant guys who work with me on the renovations and I ensure that we’re in control of everything, in as much contact with you as needed and in the end, deliver a fantastic result!

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