One big delivery, one big day – saving your holiday time for fun!

Found everything you want for the home and all ordered? Woo hoo! Now then, how to coordinate the deliveries so that everything arrives on the same day and you don’t have to sit in the house for ages waiting for them to turn up in your allocated delivery slot. It’s not like these guys can leave a card saying they’ve left your sofa with the house three doors down…

Delivery slots are vague at the best of times, but what if something goes wrong? Send it back and start again. And more time at home waiting??!

Not with me! Listening to my clients on prevous projects, this was a major source of annoyance for them, and so I wanted to promote how we take care of all of this for you. My suppliers work with me so that things are there when needed. We collate and organize all the beautiful new items that are waiting to go in to your new room, check them over, keep them safe and then one day, we turn up with a big van and put them all in the room – instantly transforming it. You can be there if you like, or you can be at work! But you have total piece of mind that everything is going to be there.

Inevitably, I won’t lie, there’s the odd time when things don’t go as smoothly as I like. On one project a bed was out of stock for weeks and weeks. But in these rare instances the client was kept updated as much as I could and after I’d made lots of phone calls and emails to the supplier for news I was there at 7.30am one morning for the first possible slot the guys had to come and install the new bed.

All part of the service – one delivery of furniture and one point of contact for any queries. Makes things so much easier and saves your holiday time for holidays!

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