Styles for the kids too…

Design ideas to give children rooms to remember!

Designing for children is fab! Over the last year I’ve completed a good few designs for children’s bedrooms and nurseries, with clients wanting to give a bit of oomph to the room and make it special, but without spending terrific amounts of money. Here’s some of the work we’ve completed – using vintage wallpaper stickers, creative children’s wallpaper and finishing with a bespoke theatre and library in a primary school!

First up, Alex and Lucy’s Playroom

Pigeon wall lights, animal growth chart and a large Tree, Donkey and Chicken from vintage wallpaper bring the playroom to life!









Alex’s Bedroom was dinosaurs!

Freddie decided he wanted his nursery a bit more jungle style









Loved creating this theatre and dressing up area for a primary school…









….together with renovating their library complete with a Dr Seuss style tree and big story time chair!

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