Rochester • Girls’ Bedrooms

Sophie and Grace share everything and wanted similar bedrooms but with their own style! These bedrooms are perfect spaces to hang out at home and have friends over to stay in.

Rochester • Girls’ Bedrooms

The Interior Design Brief

For Sophie and Grace's rooms, we were asked to create similar rooms but each with its own sense of style.

What did we do?

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Sophie and Grace wanted bedrooms that were similar to each other – so we created a bedroom for each of them and added different functionalities to the room to create individuality. A make up area brings a place to dress up in the pink room and a cool hanging chair is a lovely spot to chill out with a book in the aqua room. Both rooms have a long desk for homework which conceals a secret tunnel linking through to each others room!
In here we made the most possible use of space by building wardrobes in to the eaves spaces, and drawer space with a window seat on top in the dormer windows. The overall effect means the bedroom floor space opens up without losing any vital storage.

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